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Welcome to Cavelight


Cavelight Productions is an independent media company founded by Toni Nagy that is quasi-radical, semi-spiritual, pseudo-philosophical, somewhat existential, and mostly funny.

The work is aimed to serve as a visual comedic manifesto to deconstruct culture by using satire as a means for social change, political awareness, and equal opportunity genital jokes.

P.S. There is also some artsy fartsy stuff in there so you think I'm intellectual and deep. (Is it working?)


About Toni



Toni has a lot of Facebook friends – which is where she finds her self-esteem – and she is also a filmmaker. One of her scripts was a finalist for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. She’s made four short films and recently completed her first feature film. Toni writes, directs, acts in, and edits her sketch vids… she obviously doesn’t have control issues.  

Toni spends her life creating content for the internet with the sole purpose of distracting people from their lives and keeping them on the internet while simultaneously preaching how we should spend less time on the internet (primarily over at Toni has been a political activist since the late 90's and feels morally superior for knowing about the Federal Reserve.  

Dismantling the patriarchy one brick at a time.

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