Funny music videos


Are You Gonna Upload Your Consciousness?

The singularity is coming for us, but I don't want to upload my consciousness! I think Artificial Intelligence is womb envy... a yearning to create life and avoid death. A denial of cycles in exchange for power. Don't you think all the robots are going to be sex bots and soldiers?

New England Girls Are Sexy Too

Why do California girls get all the fun sexy songs written about them? New England girls are sexy too! This track is for all you sexy snow bunnies out there, where ever you are, probably buried in snow.


Sparkle Bum

Your bum is sparkly now I'm happy.


Corporate America Doesn't Need Lube

In a time when our country is so divided we need a national anthem we can ALL get behind.


Let's Take America Back… Back in Time!

Make America great again?? FOR WHO??



Men in pants wearing leggings…Meggings