Sketch comedy

Scandalous sassy sketch comedy specifically designed to provoke you, and poke you… in just the right spots.


Where's the Weed?

Do you ever find yourself smoking weed, but not sure where the weed is?


The Domme and the Alt-Right Man

A love story of the ages between a Domme and an Alt-Right Man.


An anniversary with your favorite plant!


Should We Go for YouTube

Should We Go?

Since Men Know So Much About Women's Bodies

In light of the new abortion laws, I had no idea men were so knowledgeable! Since men know so much about women's bodies, I have a few questions!


The BEST Beauty Product to Look Younger!

Do you have wrinkles? Are you looking for the best possible product to look younger? I have the ultimate beauty secret for you!

The Smoking V

Why does everything have to be so phallic? Well, do I have the ultimate smoking apparatus to honor the ladies!

Pick me up

A documentary I made about my relationship to my phone.

The Finger Blaster

Are you sick of your feminist girlfriend going on and on about the patriarchy this and the patriarchy that? Well, try the new "Finger Blaster 2018"


The Real Housewives of White Supremacy

America's favorite new reality show... The Real Housewives of White Supremacy!

Is That Rape?

America's favorite new game show - IS THAT RAPE?


Training Men

We have to train the person we want to be with to be the best versions of themselves. Just as if you got a puppy, you wouldn’t just expect that puppy not to piss in your shoes. 

Ball Douche

Isn't it interesting how women are conditioned to feel shame and paranoia about the scent of their lady-caves while society behaves as if testes are emitting a fragrance worth wafting directly into your nasal cavity? Considering there is a whole line of products specifically designed to flush out a twat, I think men could also consider douching.

PS Ladies... don't douche. It's actually super dangerous.


Drugs - The friends we invite over, but in our brains

Do you ever wonder why you do drugs??

Drugs are like having a friend over to hang out, but in your mind!

The Dick License

Hi! Do you have a penis?

Are you a person that enjoys having sex with penises? Do you believe that we should live in a world where we can all breathe easy knowing penises are safe? Well, do I have the solution for you!



Do you ever feel like Facebook is haunting you with the horror of reality creating a living nightmare?


Trump's Heartbreak 

Trump Dances His Heart Break Over The Ray Moore Loss Through The Language of My Body


The Bridget Bot

The future of AI because... do we really expect men to change? 


Interpretive Trump Dance

Sometimes Donny Trump dances his emotions through the language of my body.


Women Masturbating AT men

Will all these men in power masturbating AT women, we have to wonder what it would be like if more women masturbated AT men. Where men get to furiously slap their meat while standing erect, we ladies have a bit of a more nuanced process.

Rebranding the Alt-Right

Actual footage found from a meeting between the Alt-Right and German branding "experts."


Lady and The Trump 

Episode 1: Sex With Your Husband
Did you ever wonder what Melania Trump was up to, or how she handled sex with her husband?


Has the Trump Presidency destroyed our sex life?

Well I've got the cure for you!


The Alt Right is Not Alright



Free Trump's Dick

It's not easy being Donald Trump's Penis. Especially when you're an anarchist, feminist, lesbian, environmentalist.


Wonder Woman Vs The Man

Do you ever wish Wonder Woman could save humanity from "The Man?"


Love Trumps Reality?

Love Trumps Reality? In this post-Trump world... isn't there more that we can do besides "focusing on the positive?"


The Hunt for The Endangered Bush

Hunting for the wild North American endangered bush! I don't know about you guys, but I haven't seen a bush since the 90's!


Feminists For Trump

5 Reasons Feminists should Vote Donald Trump For President!


Totally Amazing Fitness Couple

Couples that work out together stay together.... #relationshipgoals


No NO We Won't GO!

Sometimes you gotta protest the protest.


The Supreme Court Needs To Do Their Job!

The Republican-controlled supreme court needs to do their job! Because if they don't, then why should I??! FUCK IT!



Women aren't the only ones who get their periods... Men also do, except they MANstrate!!


BernGhazi - Berners for Hillary

A pharmaceutical drug created by the Clinton's to help you burn the passion for Bernie right out of your system.


I have an STD!

Are you in a long term relationship? If yes, you probably have this STD too...


Nuclear Narcissm

That feeling of caring about the impending doom of the world, but also about your own meager existence equally.


Competitive yoga chick



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